By appointing WJ McVeigh ARC you will be entitled to
the following benefits:


1. Only ONE estimate for repair will be required as we use an

    insurance / industry approved estimating system...


2. We will match your insurers policy benefits for the provision of a courtesy

    car or van while your vehicle is in for repair.


3. Our repair workshop stands over any work carried out to the vehicle and we provide
    warranties with all repairs.


4. We value our reputation and as a LOCAL service provider

    - we will do everything in our power to give you the best customer experience.


5. We guarantee a quality repair and have always benefitted from the loyalty

    of our customers and the recommendations they make on our behalf which we

    appreciate and do not take for granted.


6. WJ McVeigh ARC is 3/4 of a mile outside Ballynahinch towards Hillsborough.
    Recent investments in our business have enabled us to operate from a

    state of the art workshop.